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Her First Fast


Her first Fast

Aysha was so excited that her mom allowed her to fast this Ramadan as she turned six. She has been asking her mom’s permission to take fasting from last year but was not allowed since she was a kid. She herself felt she has grown up within a year. It was not just the thought of fasting that thrilled her, but the gift she will be offered if she completed one whole fast.
Yes, little Aysha loved to dress up like her elder sister who wore salwar (Pakistani traditional dress) with duppata (stoll) along with it. She always wanted to own a salwar suit like her sister and her mom promised her a new salwar suit with duppata as soon she opens her first fast.
It was a Sunday, and Aysha was called early morning for Suhoor and prayers. She was so excited that she woke up even though was very sleepy, had food, did her prayers and when back to bed to get some sleep as she didn’t have school.
From the time she woke up her mind was full of thoughts how her new suit will look, she just couldn’t wait for magrib azaan. It was time for Zuhr and Aysha realized that her stomach started complaining already, she felt thirsty too but kept quiet as she didn’t want break her fast.
She somehow spends time reading books, doing dhikr and so on. Asar azaan was out, but by the time her little cute face started showing signs of tiredness. Her cute lips became dry and eyes tired, her moms asked little Aysha who was sitting in the kitchen watching her mom and sister cook food for ifthar
‘’Aysha dear, are you very hungry?
She nodded her head and stared at the food items that she couldn’t help her temptation.’
Aysha’s mom continued ‘’Sweetheart don’t worry its almost time for azaan and then you can have whatever you want, and Allah must be pleased with my little girl’’
Those sentence eased Aysha’s mind and stomach at the same time…In her mind she whispered ‘’Yes, Allah will be happy and so will be myself when I get my new Salwar’’
Soon it was almost time for Magrib and the table was being filled with different food items for the family. Aysha was the first one to be seated, her beautiful face was shining with happiness and the water after wudhu dripping from her chin made her look prettier. Her family couldn’t help laughing seeing how hungry and eager Aysha was to break her fast.

The most awaited azaan breaks the silence, Aysha and family breaks their fast with dates.
Aysha started eating each snack as fast as she could as if trying to stop her stomach from making noises; she drank water and felt that water never tasted so good ever before.
Little Aysha asked her mom ‘’Mama I took fast to please Allah, and to get a new suit but what about the poor children, will they get something better for starving every day?’’
Her mom was so touched by the innocent question and replied with eye filled with tears

‘’Daughter, its Allah who gives us food and money and we are supposed to feed the needy, and by doing so we are not doing them a favor but ourselves since Allah has promised Jannah for helping the needy..

And yes dear, they will be offered the best gifts by Allah one day’’
At that moment her sister came in with a gift cover and handed it to Aysha ‘’Aysha dear open it, it’s yours ‘she said.
Aysha opened it to find two gifts inside, one was her salwar but the other gift something even more precious that she felt so happy to own it, it was a small Quran for herself.
Aysha was so happy that she wore her new salwar and went to join her dad for prayers.
Her little mind was still bothered about those kids on the streets who have nothing to eat at all.
She thanked Allah for the blessings she had and prayed for all the kids starving in the world,
‘’I will provide the poor with whatever I have in hand, In sha Allah’’ she promised herself.


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I am a bubbly lady who loves to splash ideas and thoughts on others through my articles. A happy home maker, a young mother and a very out spoken person by character. I also enjoy surfing, cooking and learning about Islam. I hope and pray my works brings some change in the lives of my readers

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