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Book Review: The Beauty of Covering Up by Noorshin NG Abdullah

The Beauty of Covering up is the Author’s humble attempt to create more awareness of the importance  and virtues of observing hijab, not only the physical hijab, but also observing hijab in the way we think and act as Muslims and as human beings i.e. we must inculcate good manners and character; and have good thoughts which are pleasing to Allah (swt). I think this was the consistent message emphasised and encouraged throughout the book.

I was impressed with its quality and presentation – hard cover with glossy patterned pages and each chapter is represented by a different colour, giving the book a very feminine and young feel. There is also a dust jacket which is great for protecting the cover, and both back and front flaps contain biographical information about the Author which I totally enjoyed reading. The book also comes with its own bag – a lovely pink bag of good quality.

The Author’s style of writing is simple and to the point making it a quick and easy read. And I got the sense of the Authors personality and voice, and there is some indication of the her Chinese cultural background.  There are several quotes from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith in support of hijab along with personal stories  from Muslim women. And I think it was obvious that Abdullah wrote this book with the Muslimah revert/convert in mind. Hence, its simplicity and to the point style. The Author being a revert herself.

My favourite chapters were ‘You Are Beautiful!,‘Beauty from Within’ and ‘Striving Towards Modesty.’And I really liked and appreciated the fact that the Author pointed out that observing hijab is also a religious requirement for Muslim men, a message I feel has been overlooked by many Muslim leaders and writers on the subject of hijab. Then the final chapter has several design illustrations of the different ways Muslim women can observe the hijab like ”youthful and active fun to wear design” ideas and “lose and dramatic Ethnic style in simple and bold prints and trimmings” ideas amongst others.

I would recommend this book to any non-Muslim and new Muslimah reverts who desire basic knowledge and understanding about the hijab.

About the Author

Nourishing Ng Abdullah has also written many articles for various Islamic non-governmental organisations (NGOs) over the years.

She resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she is actively involved in several Islamic Non-Governmental Organisations and is currently, Head of the Agama Bureau of AMAED – Association of Muslim Apparel Entrepreneurs and Designers, Malaysia. She was invited by the President to share her knowledge and to gently guide designers and members to change their attitude and focus on transition towards producing proper Islamic attire.

She is also Vice President of Persatuan Darul Fitrah of Malaysia and Committee Member of Perkim Cawangan Bangsar as well as the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) – all three NGOs offer support to reverts/converts to Islam.

For purchase details, please email: nnoorshin@yahoo.com 

Some of the Chapters in the book

Review provided by Zainab John, Founder and Club Leader of Muslimah Voices Book Club (MVBC) – new book club for Muslim women.


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