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Mama and Me by ”Smart Muslim Kids”

Just think, when was the last time you said “I love you mama” or when was the last time you gave your mom a tight hug.  Somewhere or the other we always find articles or statements enhancing importance of a mother.
Still…we don’t end up absorbing them. Why? Its high time we thank our mothers for what we all are today.  It’s not just about buying an expensive gift on her birthday or mother’s day, it’s about the time and attachment we show towards her that makes her happy.

Recently I found a status message on one of my FB friends. It goes like this “2 years mummy I love you….16  years mom please leave me alone….25 years mama you were right…40 years I need my mother…”
It actually made me think for hours, no I should say days.  In each and every stage of life our opinion keeps changing, how weird? We are all humans and tend to make mistakes, but there is always a chance to repent.

Mother is someone who has sacrificed so much for her children. Motherhood starts from pregnancy and never ends. She suffers all the pain and gives birth and then nurses her child for years. When a child starts becoming independent he/she feels their mother is nagging them. By the time they realize mothers importance it would be too late.

Let it not happen to any one of us. So express your love to your mother whenever possible like she did when you were dependent.

mom_and_me__by_Muslim_WomenI would like to conclude narrating an Islamic hadees ‘Anas Ibn Malik (r a) said “a woman came to Aisha

(r a ) and she gave her three dates. The lady gave each of her children a date and kept one for herself. The children ate the two dates and then looked at their mother. She took her date, split it into two and gave each child half of it. The prophet (s a) came and Aisha (r a) told him about it. He (s a) said “are you surprised at that? Allah will show mercy on her because of her mercy towards her children”.
May Allah shower his mercy on all mothers..Ameen..


About nourin ibrahim

I am a bubbly lady who loves to splash ideas and thoughts on others through my articles. A happy home maker, a young mother and a very out spoken person by character. I also enjoy surfing, cooking and learning about Islam. I hope and pray my works brings some change in the lives of my readers

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