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Do you love your children, but hate motherhood?

Sometimes expectations are unrealistic.

I think our feelings about motherhood and what to expect from motherhood all starts with the pregnancy and our own preconceived ideas about what pregnancy and motherhood will or ought to be like. But the truth is, not all of us enjoy motherhood. And what makes it harder for a lot of women is that their economic/ financial situation, health or education may not afford them a comfortable life or to be able to adequately provide for their children. This can put an extra strain on mothers and makes motherhood an even bigger challenge, and for some a burden.

And for some mothers pregnancy has been an unpleasant experience from beginning to end. Then when the baby comes, everyone expects a mother to just know exactly what to do or for her maternal instincts to automatically kick in and that she should be happy and cheery all the time. But there are periods when a mother may not be feeling her best or may be having problems adjusting to her ‘new normal life’ and to her new responsibilities as a mother. And not forgetting her other responsibilities towards her spouse/partner plus her  professional commitments or pursuing higher education.

But I think we mothers shouldn’t look at motherhood as a job because then I think we will start seeing our role a mother to be a burden rather than a blessing and honour, and I think it is important to have some ‘ME Time’ to temporarily escape the stress and busyness of  life and responsibilities.

What are your thoughts?

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