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Do you love your child/children more than your spouse?

Just another one of my random thoughts.

As a mother and a wife, one has to find a balance between her love and attention for her child/children and her love and attention for her husband. The love a mother feels for her child is a different type of love – an indescribable love; but we should be careful not be so consumed by this love, to the point that we neglect our spouse. This sort of thing has the tendency to create unhealthy marriages and unhappy children. And how sad and unhealthy it is for any child growing up in such an environment and observing such relations between parents.

I have known women who quite openly demonstrate more concern and love for their children more than their husband and who seem to use their children to fill a loneliness and distance they feel with their husbands or partners, it’s as if in some cases, the husband doesn’t really exist or is no longer of importance and value in their lives. On the other hand, there are women, who are guilty of openly demonstrating more love for their husband or partner and neglecting to show the same to the children.

Those are two extremes. But how do we achieve that balance?


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