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Fall/Winter Trends: Peplum, Leather, and Gold…Oh My!


A collection of Winter Trends including a beautiful quilted purse, leather Balmain skirt, and Military Styled Abaya.

The smell of new leather fills the air with a tart unmistakable aroma. Knee and Anklet booties click clack across the tiled mall floors alongside the quiet shuffle of a preteen’s favorite pair of sheep skin shoes. Fall has definitely arrived and on its coattails comes a bevy of warm hues, trenches, and the latest in layering trends.

Besides the staple pieces that make a return every year, the interchangeable styles have to be conquered as well. Easy to do with a disposable budget and a “less clothes is more” take on fashion. However, the fashionable muslimah has to sometimes get more creative in order to fulfill all the tenets of hijab while remaining on trend.

This Fall/Winter, Leather, Quilted clothing/accessories, Peplum, Military, Brocade, Metallic Gold, Fur and the thin waist are all must have fall essentials. Finding modest items that fall within these categories can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to look. I’ve laid the ground work for key pieces that any Fashionista would be happy to have within their wardrobe walls.


It is next to impossible to find hijabi friendly leather maxi skirts so if you do come across one in your hunt, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy. While browsing for looks I fell in love with a flared Alexander McQueen leather maxi….I however, was not in love with the price. No matter, it is still quite lovely indeed!

Option 1       Option 2


You’d think peplum that can be incorporated into the modest girls wardrobe would be easy to come by, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Especially for me since I’ve recently decided to place a temporary ban on buying any dresses or shirts that are short sleeve. I just need a break from layering, plus in the long run, it’s more expensive. Thankfully, after doing a brief hunt, I found lots of long sleeve budget friendly peplum options!

Option 1      Option 2 (use POLY20 for 20% off)    Option 3


Since this trend keeps making its rounds year after year, it’s a bit easier to find Muslimah friendly options that will satisfy those who choose to wear abayas or shirts/dresses. In addition, because this trend tends to give coverage to the neck, it allows more scarf styling options. Here are just a few that I’ve fallen in love with.

Option 1     Option 2     Option 3     Option 4


Brocade may very well be the hardest to pull off as a hijabi. There are tons and tons of lovely short sleeve trendy brocade shirts and dresses. Finding its long sleeve counterpart took a bit more work on my part. Still, I found some lovely options, some more expensive than others to wet the trendy fashionista’s appetite!

Option 1     Option 2     Option 3

So have you rocked any of the above trends lately? Tell us in the comments below.


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