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”Smart Muslim Kids” presents Islamic short story ”Barbie covered with Love”

 Little Zara was overjoyed when she saw the surpriseeid gift from her grandparents. It was a Barbie doll with beautiful pink party frock and cute shoes to go with it. A Barbie doll was something 6 year old Zara longed to own and her grandmother fulfilled her dream this eid. From the moment she got it she didn’t keep it down for a minute, she combed its beautiful golden hair, bathed her, put it on her side while sleeping so that the first thing she got in the morning would be her Barbie. She took it to play area to show all her friends her new doll which most of them already owned.

Zara’s mother saw her love for the doll and decided to try and teach her a little lesson through it. She casually asked Zara “Baby, why not we stitch a burqa for your doll?”.The little girl was confused of what to say and not very happy, she asked her mom “Mama what makes you think it will suit my pretty Barbie?”Her mom continued “Listen Zara, I’ve seen how much you love your doll and i thought its very precious gift for you, then why not treasure it? Haven’t you seen how your papa place all his important documents in the file, how i safely lock all jewellery in the jewellery box, and how your grandma takes care of her specs, it’s all because we want to keep our precious things safe and out of danger..So only if you wish i can stitch a beautiful hijab for your pretty doll”

Zara immediately nodded her innocent face and the very next day her mom kept the little cute burqa ready for her Barbie. Zara immediately put it on for the doll and took it out to show her friends. Saleena Zara’s best friend was inquisitive to know why Zara put on a hijab for her doll. She asked Zara “What have you done to your doll? Look at mine it looks so beautiful.” Zara gave her a pleasant smile and answered “Yes, your doll looks much better but mine looks much more with her shield of my love surrounding her, i can feel she’s safe and  im taking care of her in the best possible way now.”

She added “Saleena haven’t you noticed all precious things are always kept safe and covered?”

Saleena thought for a while and replied “You are right; i want a burqa for my doll as well”.

Moral: Parents are the first teachers…What we teach our children mean the world to them…

Let’s start teaching our offspring’s not only through words but through actions as well InshaAllah…


About nourin ibrahim

I am a bubbly lady who loves to splash ideas and thoughts on others through my articles. A happy home maker, a young mother and a very out spoken person by character. I also enjoy surfing, cooking and learning about Islam. I hope and pray my works brings some change in the lives of my readers

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