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Great Gift Idea for Mums: A Lifetime of Memories

Such an awesome experience like pregnancy is one worth remembering don’t you think? And each pregnancy, inshallah may not be the same. So why not document the first time you became a mum – your every emotion, thought and experience then have your child read it or better yet, read it together.

A few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I decided to compile a weekly diary and blog about my journey, dedicate it to my son and then give it to him as a gift, perhaps on his 16th birthday (haven’t quite decided what age). I want him to know exactly what I went through during the months I carried him inside me and how special he was to his father and I think it will make a wonderful gift from a mother to her child.

I plan on having mine professionally printed with hard covers and glossy paper. Thanks to Babyjellybeans.com, this is possible and made easy. I used this link to create a website for my little guy so that family and friends can keep up with him. The templates and editing features are great. And I love the fact that I could create/ add my own pages; and it’s affordable. On the site, family and friends were able to sign our guest book and to give feedback on my journal.


  • COMPILE A PREGNANCY JOURNAL OR DIARY: This is your opportunity to record your entire journey and being candid about your experiences along the way. Or alternatively, just do a SCRAPBOOK. It’s another fun way of documenting your pregnancy experience and some may argue that scrapbooks are much more fun than a pregnancy journal or diary. The choice is yours. But I prefer a journal for documenting because I think it gives you the opportunity to be more detailed. So if you’re like me and you like to be detailed, then a journal or diary is the way to go.

In terms of the style of writing, I chose to write my entries in the first person and in some what conversational manner as though I was speaking directly to my son.

  • DEDICATE IT TO YOUR BABY. You can have family and friends sign it: this is a great way to remember all the well wishes and kind words from friends and love ones
  • PRINT IT: You may want to have it professionally done (custom-made) or if you’re creative and skillful with your computer and have access to a printer then print it yourself. If you choose to have it done professionally, I suggest the hard cover option because it will last longer.
  • PUT IT AWAY IN A REALLY NICE GIFT BOX:  This will be the box your child will use specially to store away the journal/diary. You can even personalise the box. For example, if it’s a girl and she’s fond of flowers you might add a rose; and if a boy who is fond of cars you can draw, cut out and sick photos of different cars on it.
  • Then when your child is old enough or whenever you think is the best and appropriate time, give it to him or her as a GIFT.

Here is an example of one of my diary entries, the dedication page:-

“To our Bundle of Joy

Being pregnant is one of the best and most memorable experiences I think any woman can ever have. It’s just amazing! Feeling your first kick, and seeing my bump move for the first time are definitely highlights along the way-not forgetting the look on your dad’s face and how excited he was when he found out he was going to be a dad.

I kept a record of my journey and thought it would be a really good idea to dedicate and present it to you someday, so that you would know exactly what I went through during the months I carried you inside me; for I may not remember every little detail of what happened to my changing body during my pregnancy; and if something were to ever happen to me or your dad, I wanted you to know how special you are, and that we loved you even before you were born.

You have brought so much joy into our lives, a joy we never knew we could experience; and even before you were born, you were no stranger to us, constantly reminding us of your presence with your many kicks and somersaults inside my tummy.

Always remember that daddy and I love you very much …




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