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” Smart Muslim Kids ”

You send your kids to learn Quran and other Islamic teachings, but have you felt something is still to be filled??

Have you ever urged for ideas to educate them from within and awaken their innocent minds towards Islam??

Then you have landed in the right place.

Yes here on ‘’ILM’’ we share small and useful tips to keep your little ones hearts focused and help them tune themselves as little believers.

Parents are always the people kids look up to…Whatever the parents do whether good or bad they will follow blindly…

So, the first lesson that should be given to the Muslim Parents

  • Always be aware that all your actions are being monitored. A small lie in front of your kid will give them the feeling that lying is cool and the will tend to repeat it.

Example: When your phone rings, you ask your wife to pick up and give through that you’re in the masjid, simply because you didn’t want to talk to the person who was calling. This results in your kid thinking it is perfectly fine to tell lies.

  • Always make sure you practice what you preach. So, if you tell your son or daughter to pray on time but you fail to do so yourself, bear in mind that the day will come for your kid to question you about it which of course will leave you in an awkward situation.
  • Allow them to think for themselves and don’t compel them to believe what you say. Give small examples or stories from history which will assure them Islam is the right religion.
  • Encourage small gestures like:  saying JazzakAllahkhair (May Allah reward you with good) whenever something is given to them, Please when asking for something, Salam when leaving and entering the house etc.
  • Appreciate their small acts of kindness like lending a toy to another kid, helping you with your work etc.  Reward them for their good deeds with a hug or buy them a small gift, let them know they have done a good thing.

Stay tuned for more kids articles and stories only on ‘’Islamic Lifestyle Magazine ’’…


About nourin ibrahim

I am a bubbly lady who loves to splash ideas and thoughts on others through my articles. A happy home maker, a young mother and a very out spoken person by character. I also enjoy surfing, cooking and learning about Islam. I hope and pray my works brings some change in the lives of my readers

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