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Book Review: Sameerah’ s Hijab and the First Day of School written by Isahah Janette Grant

I was so excited to receive my signed copy of Sameerah’s Hijab and the First Day of School. My two-year old son was also excited. Mamma! He shouted and pointed to the little girl Sameerah, the main character of the book.

This is a wonderfully written children’s book by Author Isahah Janette Grant. I think it’s perfect for young hijabi Muslimahs attending a non – Islamic School or living in a predominantly non-Islamic community who may be nervous or scared of what other children might think or say about them, either because they have a different culture, race, religion or dress differently. There is also good illustrations on every page of positive and colourful images, which convey the Author’s overall message of diversity and tolerance – through understanding and receiving the right information.

Sameerah’s experience immediately reminded me of what my first day of school was like dressed in my hijab for the first time. I was just one year older than Sameerah when I began wearing the headscarf and hijab, and like Sameerah, I too was excited about wearing my hijab to my new School.

I particularly loved how Sameerah at such a tender age knew enough about her religion and her hijab that she was able to confidently and with warmth and kindness answer the questions of her curious classmates at her new school; and they quickly realised that they had more in common with Sameerah than they thought. This realisation helped to break the ice and was the beginning of a new bond of friendship.

Purchase Sameerah’s Hijab and the First Day of School online

from the Official Website for Sameerah’s Hijab or from the Book Publisher, Creative Education and Publishing


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